Learn to read, write and pronounce Arabic

The author

My name is Judith Meyer and I wrote this course as well as programmed and designed the website. I am about to graduate from university. My native language is German and I have seriously studied 7 foreign languages - and a few languages not so seriously, Arabic being one.

Motivation and mission

I would like to help everybody, particularly poor people who can't afford regular classes, to have access to education and to discover their hidden talent for languages. I especially want to show that learning a new alphabet doesn't have to be difficult at all and it should not discourage you from learning a language. A lot of people have been traumatised by their experience of learning a foreign language in High School - or rather *not* learning it. I believe that in the vast majority of cases this is a result of bad teachers, a bad teaching method or the students' preconceived belief that they can't learn languages. That is why I have set out to provide easy language lessons online, not just for scripts but also entire languages (the 'Bite-sized' method).

You can help

If you can speak a foreign language or know how to write in a foreign alphabet, you can help my mission. (Others please check the box on the top right for ways of helping). I am always looking to create more lessons using the 'Bite-sized' method and more script courses like this one, for example for Thai, Cyrillic or Devanagari. Even students of the language can contribute. Please contact me for details.

Contact info

Please e-mail me at sprachprofi@gmx.net. If you'd like to send me a check, I will tell you my address via e-mail. Same for my bank account.

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