Learning Foreign Writing Systems

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I love learning foreign writing systems so I developed my own method for it. It involves teaching each letter one by one and immediately practicing it by reading words that are recognizable even in a foreign script, for example city and country names, international words, loanwords and so on. The order of letter introduction is optimized so that even if you only learned 2 or 3 letters, there are already words you can practice reading and with each new letter you get tons of additional reading practice.

The only problem was that I'd be unable to benefit from my method, having to learn a script before I could teach it. So I then developed a computer program that creates raw but usable lessons for me, so I can use the same method to learn foreign writing systems.

Here are some of the lessons I have written for various writing systems:
Greek: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Modern_Greek (only the part about the alphabet is by me)
Korean: http://www.learnlangs.com/RWP/Korean
Arabic: http://learnlangs.com/read_Arabic (published as a book)
Cyrillic for Ukrainian: https://de.scribd.com/doc/267853368/Lernu-la-ukrainan-skribsistemon (for Esperanto speakers)

On my computer I also have raw (computer-generated) lessons along the same lines for Hebrew, Georgian, Devanagari for Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Japanese Katakana and others.

This system does not work for Chinese though - if you're trying to learn Chinese charactesr, read my post How to Memorize Chinese Characters.